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Sciampitta, International Review of Popular Expressions takes place in Quartu S. Elena, 3rd city of Sardinia, in the second decade of July since 1985.

Sounds and colors from all over the world have made Sciampitta a classic appointment for the Quartese summer, in fact the city is animated by the presence of foreign groups coming from all over the world.

The festival attracts thousands of people every year and on the great stage of Quartu the flag of AMFOS flies, which includes the best folk groups and the best festivals. A banner that symbolizes love for popular traditions and also means friendship between peoples, peace and solidarity. Meanings that give even more depth to an exhibition already rich in cultural contents which combined with the spectacular music, choreography, costumes and dances make Sciampitta a great world event.

The productive categories of Quartu frame the cultural moments, merchants and artisans take the opportunity to showcase their skill and professionalism to offer an extra service to citizens and visitors. In the morning sun and sea, in the afternoon shopping, a visit to the market exhibitions and then in the evening a dip in the popular traditions of half the world.

The review takes place under the patronage of the Municipality of Quartu, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Department of Tourism and Department of Education, Culture and Entertainment), the Province of Cagliari, the Banco di Sardegna Foundation and Thanks to Resolution no. 28/1955 of 24.06.2011 received the Regional Recognition among the thirteen most important Identity Events in Sardinia.

Its name derives from one of the most ancient Sardinian dances, "sa sciampitta" in fact, in which a fight between two contenders is simulated with kicks. In the dance these are replaced by aerial steps, cadenced and rhythmic, which demonstrate the skill of the dancers, and being "Sciampitta" an appointment for folk groups from all over the world, another name could not be more appropriate.

The "Is Arenas" stadium was the theater of the party from '85 until 1991. From 1994 to 2003 "Sciampitta" took to the square: its heart was the Piazza Mercato, in the historic center of the city. Now, for some years now it has found the space of Is Arenas, more suitable for hosting the ever-growing public. But during the five days of the event, the various popular shows take place in the city streets with great participation of an enthusiastic audience. In fact, in recent years, the goal successfully achieved has been precisely that of involving citizens and tourists by offering them, in addition to a magnificent show, also the opportunity to witness a combination of art and traditions of socially different and culturally distant peoples. , in short, a message of peace.

The organization is entrusted to the "Città di Quarto" group and its artistic director Gianni Orrù, who has been working for years in the research of popular traditions and proposes, among others, ancient dances recovered from historical memory such as "sa sciampitta", the ritual of fishermen "and the" ritual of Sant'Antonio "which, alongside sounds and colors from the five continents, allow you to fully appreciate the Sardinian traditions and in particular those of Quartes.

The feast of Sciampitta begins with a mass in the parish church of Sant'Elena, patron saint of the city, not only for the religiosity of the individual elements of the folkloristic groups but precisely because the popular soul emerges in the church, in the songs, in the rites. Following, the parade of dancers and musicians through the streets of the center decorated with flowers and colors to greet the passage. It is on the big stage, therefore, that the real show begins with the succession of traditional songs and dances of the participating groups. During the following days, traveling shows take place throughout the city. The groups come from all over the world to perform and confront each other in joy and serenity; they come from Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, India, Haiti, New Zealand, Argentina and Nicaragua, just to name a few, and of course from the various Italian regions.

It is with popular magic that, for a week of shows, the desire and hope for peace and brotherhood among peoples returns. In reality this is the inner meaning of an exhibition like Sciampitta: to merge the different cultures to learn to know and recognize each other as brothers, children of the same God. For Quartu it is truly an important cultural moment that makes sure to bring his name in around the world contributing to its growth on an international scale. There is also an enhancement of urban spaces that are reinvented and relived as places of entertainment and culture.

This is a rare opportunity to open the city limits and thus intertwine local traditions with those of even very distant peoples; a dip in the colorful universe of folk culture from all over the world that pervades, with the joy of sounds, dances and songs, the whole city. For this Sciampitta gives Quartu the scepter of the city of the popular color.

The result, a commercial and cultural tourist image of the entire city that proves to be a winner: in the morning sun and sea on the enchanting beaches, in the afternoon shopping with visits to the market exhibitions and in the streets of the city, in the evening a dip in popular traditions of all the world. All these meanings give even more depth to an exhibition already rich in cultural contents, which combined with the spectacular music, dances, choreography and costumes make Sciampitta a great world event.

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