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✅ February 2021: birth of the Association with the 7 founding members

✅ March 2021: Promotional video creation "Quartu city of sea and culture"

✅ April 2021: review of our video on the social networks of "Online Countries" and "Tourists by chance" (1.5 million followers)

✅ April 2021: Realization of the "Quartu 2021" Holiday Catalog

✅ April 2021: creation of information sheets that can be downloaded via QR code for tourist posters.

✅ April 2021: creation of the "Accommodation Network" (B & Bs, Hotels and Restaurants included in a single intercommunicating network

✅ May 2021 - Reopening after 8 years of the Tourist Infopoints (c / o Marina di Capitana and Casa Olla)

✅ May 2021 - presentation of the tourist portal: Quartu Citta 'di Mare e Cultura

✅ May 2021: creation of tourist maps of Quartu Map

✅ May 2021: newsletter addressed to 13,000 travel agencies in Europe with the offer in the Quartu S.E. catalog

✅ May 2021: the "Cultural Heritage Team" established (Head of Dr. Patrizia Zuncheddu - Archaeologist)

✅ June 2021: "School-Work" project with the students of the Motzo di Quartu linguistic high school.

✅ June 2021: Music Festival 2021 in collaboration with Antica Casa Olla and the "Il Anticaio" Association

✅ June 2021: partnership with Radio Sintony, official radio of the Tourist Association of Quartu Sant'Elena

✅ July 2021: our request accepted by the Asphalt Redevelopment Administration in Marina di Capitana

✅ July 2021: Partnership with D.D. Events for the reopening of the Nuraghe Diana for visits and events

✅ September 2021: Inauguration of the Thalasso Pool service for patients with Multiple Sclerosis in collaboration with SMY HOTEL SIGHIENTU

✅ November 2021: Participation in the International Tourism Fair WTM LONDON 2021

✅ November 2021: 1st QSE Tourist Association Convention at Antica Casa Olla

✅ November 2021: Participation in the BMTA - Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism, Paestum (SA)

✅ December 2021: Christmas Festival, Marina di Capitana

✅ December 2021: Christmas dinner

✅ January 2022: 1st meeting of the shareholders at the Altamarea Poetto

✅ January 2022: Realization of the "Quartu 2022" Holiday Catalog in Italian, English, French, German and Russian

✅ January 2022: Participation in FITUR - International Tourism Fair, Madrid

✅ February 2022: DMS Tourism Project

✅ March 2022: Participation in Salon Mondial du Tourisme, Paris

✅ April 2022: Participation in BIT - International Tourism Exchange, Milan

✅ April 2022: The affiliate program of the Quartu Guest Card circuit merchants is underway

✅ April 2022: Beginning of distribution of the Quartu Guest Card to affiliated hotels, bed and breakfasts and holiday homes

✅ May 2022: Opening of the third Tourist Infopoint at Lido Mediterraneo

✅ October 2022: Participation in the International Tourism Exhibition TTG Travel Experience, Rimini

✅ October 2022: Agreement signed with Intercral Sardegna

✅ November 2022: Participation in the International Tourism Fair WTM LONDON 2022