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Yoga , archeology & digital detox at Domu Prexada

Yoga & Digital Detox weekend

For who?

For those who love nature, for those who want to regenerate mentally and physically.

What do we do?

Yoga, meditation, digital wellness seminar (how to manage and not be managed by technology) healthy food, archaeological excursion, nature and relaxation.

For the detailed program and reservations you can contact us:

We are waiting for you

For more information on the program: fb.me/e/Ci8xDmpa

Where is it:

DOMU PREXADA, Localita, Monti Nieddu CA

Web: www.domuprexada.it

Email: domuprexada@gmail.com

Mobile +39 342 6022719

For more information on the program: fb.me/e/EUNIEem7


DOMU PREXADA , Localita, Monti Nieddu CA

Web:   www.domuprexada.it

Email:  domuprexada@gmail.com

Mobile  +39 342 6022719