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Tecnorete Litorale

Our store is operational along the coast of the Municipality of Quartu Sant'Elena, with almost twenty years of experience.

The feeling with this evocative portion of the territory was misleading in stimulating us to acquire adequate professionalism, essential for identifying and solving the problems encountered in the properties located there.

The constant presence, on site, of trained and reliable commercial consultants allows us to have numerous and different real estate proposals, suitable for every type of need, appropriately advertised after a selective market analysis.

The hamlet of Quartu, in which we operate every day, embraces about 20 km of the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, indicatively, from the Margine Rosso (last stretch of the 'Poetto' beach) to the tourist reality of Geremeas.

Developed between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, mainly as a summer residence for the wealthy bourgeoisie of Cagliari, it registered a considerable population at the end of the 90s, following the construction of the main urbanization works. is that today more than 15,000 inhabitants live there.

Among the factors that most favored this phenomenon, particular relevance must be attributed to the proximity of numerous beaches (S'Arritzolu Saliu, Cala Regina, Murtaucci, Mari Pintau and Kal'e Moru), the presence of the tourist port (Porto Armando) and the possibility of having properties with large open spaces.

This last peculiarity is in fact appreciable on a large part of the Quartese coast starting from the first approved subdivisions (Sa Tiacca, Foxi, S'Oru e Mari, Sant'Andrea, Stella di Mare, etc) up to the more recently built ones. (Bellavista, Costa di Sopra, Is Meris, etc) and allow those who live there, also by virtue of our pleasant climate, to enjoy the summer 365 days a year.

Tecnorete Litorale
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