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Pani e Casu Restaurant

Tradition, quality and elegance.

Efisio Mameli, dean of Quartese restaurants and true standard-bearer of the Sardinian food and wine tradition, offers the most tasty and typical island dishes: bread and cheeses, first courses such as "suppa cuata", "culurgiones and malloreddus" and second courses including the classic pork.

A menu exclusively of "meat&pastas" and with local products that has also allowed it to be included in the National "Slow Food" Guide.

"Pani e Casu" is a reference not only to the Sardinian food and wine tradition but also to the social and industrial one: Sardinia, in the past, was above all a land of farmers and shepherds, who historically have always driven economy.

The most popular specialties are stewed goat, donkey meat and culurgiones, as well as snails or homemade Sardinian sweets.