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Sant'Andrea Beach

Sant'Andrea beach is located at the locality with the same name in the municipality of Quartu Sant'Elena, between Villa Romana and Flumini.

The beach is not large but it is quite extensive. It is mainly characterized by fine white sand. The transparent water is green in color and has a shallow and sandy bottom.

The wonder of this beach is that, during mistral wind days, its sea takes on a crystalline turquoise color . It is never overly crowded.

Leaving the beach of Sant’Andrea, you have its natural continuation in the beach of Flumini di Quartu, interrupted the Su Pau river, which cuts the beach.

A healthy 45/60 minute walk on the water's edge can allow you to reach the remains of the Roman villa which stretches out like a small peninsula on the clear and fishy sea. It is no coincidence that a large number of cormorants are stably stationed among the emerging ruins.

A beautiful terrace allows you to wander along the entire Golfo degli Angeli bay to see gentle sunrises and fiery sunsets.

With a little imagination, you can relive the long history of this coast with your imagination. It is easy to think that landings took place on this beach in Phoenician and then Roman times ... certainly the French settled here in 1793.

From here they moved to attack Quartu. There are written records that indicate their headquarters in the current Andrea Parodi park (park around the church of Sant'Andrea) and in the area of ​​the church of San Forzorio. After long battles the Quartu people managed to drive the French out of their territory.

How to get to Sant'Andrea beach:

proceeding from Cagliari towards Villasimius, on the coastal road, after passing the Hotel Setar, few hundred meters forward, you reach a square with a park in which there is the small church of Sant'Andrea dating back to the 15th century.

Keeping to the right (and therefore the church on your left), after a few meters you will find the intersection on the right with Via Taormina. Turn into the street and follow it all the way to the roundabout that gives onto the parking lots a few meters from the beach. Other accesses from via Mar Mediterraneo, via Mar Adriatico, Via Mar Egeo, Via Mar dei Caraibi.

Sant'Andrea beach services:

there are still no services directly on the beach, but nearby there are pizzerias, hotels and other common services in the town. Some parking spaces reserved for the disabled are located in via Mar Egeo.

In via Sorrento there is the sailing school of the Quartu Sant’Elena Yacht Club.