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Santa Luria

The beach of Santa Luria is located at the locality with the same name in the municipality of Quartu Sant’Elena.
It represents the last stretch of sea of ​​Flumini beach before arriving at the Marina of Capitana.

The beach is not large, about 5 meters wide, and is characterized by sand and stones, with some sections where it is possible to find the presence of posidonia’s seaweed during the winter.

It is never very crowded. The peculiarity of this beach is that, especially in the case of mistral wind, the water becomes very transparent with colors ranging from green to light blue.

The seabed near the beach is low and sandy for tens of meters, making the beach safe for families with children.
The wider the seabed gradually becomes deeper and almost completely rocky.

The beach of Santa Luria borders the adjacent Marina Residence beach, equipped with a beach bar and parking in the pine forest behind, as well as sports facilities in the Marina Residence (Sporting) subdivision.

To reach the beach you can access the SP17 coastal road at the Marina Residence junction or the next one in the direction of Villasimius where there is an indication for Santa Luria