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Simbirizzi Lake

Simbirizzi lake. The Simbirizzi is an artificial dam located in the territory of Quartu Sant'Elena

The work was built between 1951 and 1958 on an executive project drawn up by the engineer Mario Mulas.

The dam, of an arch-gravity vaulted wall type, was built on the edge of a natural basin giving rise to the lake of the same name; including the foundations has a height of 22 meters and develops a crown of 57.10 meters at 35 meters above sea level.

At the height of the maximum reservoir, planned at an altitude of 33.50, the basin generated by the dam has a surface area of the liquid mirror of 3.23 square kilometers, while its total volume is calculated at 33.44 million cubic meters.

The surface of the directly subtended catchment basin is approximately 7.80 square kilometers.

The plant, owned by the Sardinia Region, is part of the regional multisectoral water system and is managed by the Sardinian Water Authority.